Sustainable Practices

We believe we are custodians of the land.

Since the beginning we have used methods that are now called sustainable and eco-friendly. Not because these practices were part of a trend but because they were and are the right thing to do. It was the way Paul was taught in school and what he learned on the job from his grandfather. Today, Château des Charmes is a charter member of Sustainable Winemaking Ontario; a program administered by the Wine Council of Ontario. This program was the first of its kind in Canada and in 2011 it earned the "Minister's Award for Environmental Excellence" from Ontario's Ministry of the Environment. Certification encompases not only work in the vineyard and cellar but also within our Tour Centre and Hospitality departments.

In October 2011 Paul Jr. presented facets of this program to a group of more than 100 international wine industry professionals at the World Wine Trade Group annual conference in Santiago, Chile. The round table was called the International Forum on Sustainable Wine Production. Conference delegates agreed upon a set of guiding principles for the development of international guidelines on what it means to produce wine sustainably. Paul and his fellow panelists were then charged with taking those principles and over the next year establish programs and further intiatives to bring the guiding principles to life. November 2012 saw the conference held in New Zealand. The panelists presented their programs to the assembled delegates for discussion and ratification. You can read about the latest international developments here. With Paul taking an instrumental role in the development of these new programs, Château des Charmes is dedicated to leading the way to see their implementation in Canada.

"Canada is very excited to be part of this historic agreement on
sustainability principles and the positive efforts that the wine sector
is taking to provide global leadership on wine sustainability."

  Paul Bosc, Chairman of the Canadian Vintners Association & 
sustainability panelist representing Canada’s wine industry