Our Vineyards

This is where our wines are born.

We farm 280 acres of vineyards in four locations all within Niagara-on-the-Lake. Two vineyards are in the St. David’s Bench sub-appellation and the other two are in the Four Mile Creek sub-appellation. All of our wines are grown in these two sub-appellations and will carry the designation “St. David’s Bench” or the regional “Niagara-on-the-Lake”.

Dr. Tony Shaw, Professor in the Geography department of Brock University, has extensively studied Niagara. Here are the main features of these two sub-appellations.

St. David’s Bench

  • Named after the Bosc family’s St. David’s Bench Vineyard
  • Located the farthest from Lake Ontario
  • Niagara Escarpment is the southern boundary
  • Known for early spring warming
  • Gentle breezes are a constant feature which help control pests and effects of humidity
  • There is plenty of rain early the growing season
  • The soils are mainly clay with some silt which offers adequate drainage. To assist this natural process our vineyards are extensively underdrained to prevent standing water accumulation around the sensitive roots.
  • Clear, sunny and warm best describes the long growing season
  • Late in the growing season the warm breezes from the lake are not as evident, particularly at night which allows the grapes to rest and retain their balancing acidity and finesse
  • From the VQA Ontario website: “… a unique growing season and promises mature, refined wines.”
  • Our two vineyards located in this sub-appellation are St. David's Bench Vineyard and Paul Bosc Estate Vineyard


Gentle rolling hills on our Paul Bosc Estate Vineyard.

Four Mile Creek

  • Largest sub-appellation in Niagara
  • Relatively flat, slightly inland
  • Only topographical feature is a buried gorge which was the former location of the Niagara River but is now Four Mile Creek
  • Former lake bed of ancient Lake Iroquois so soil composition is high in till, silt and clay over bedrock from the Queenston Formation
  • Soil is good at holding water so irrigation is not necessary for vines to have good access to water during the growing season
  • Temperatures and sunlight during the growing season are excellent for supporting quality grape production. Though, the further south you move away from Lake Ontario, the warmer the temperatures and the earlier bud break occurs in the spring.
  • Our two vineyards located in this sub-appellation are Creek Road Vineyard and Seven & Seven Vineyard


Flat topography on our Seven and Seven Vineyard, Sauvignon Blanc bloc.