2018 Aligoté, Cuvée Michèle

Estate Bottled | VQA — Niagara-on-the-Lake$15.95 750mL Bottle | $191.40 Case

2018 Aligoté, Cuvée Michèle, Estate Grown & Bottled

Paul Bosc and Amélie Boury's Winemaker's Notes

Aligoté is a rare vitis vinifera variety native to the Burgundy region of France. Aligoté can be a chameleon by exuberantly expressing its terroir. Our Aligoté will remind you of green apples and fresh pears on the nose while on the palate the minerality and zing of crisp acidity is mouth watering. That’s why we believe it doesn’t need to be oak aged – its delicious on its own.

Miguel Fontalvo's vineyard manager's Notes

We have been growing Aligoté since 1978 and it’s a pleasure to work with in the vineyard. It is quite generous in producing fruit so we do have to keep the yield in check so each vine produces ripe, concentrated grapes. But the canopy doesn’t grow too high and the canes are not as woody as most vinifera so they are easy to tie in the spring and trellis in the summer. Aligoté’s leaves are bigger than average providing ample surface area for photosynthesis, producing ripe juicy grapes.