Red Wine

Cool climate wine regions are known for producing red wines that are balanced, elegant and structured. Our reds are often described exactly that way. We are fortunate to have our two premium vineyards; Paul Bosc Estate Vineyard and St. David’s Bench Vineyard, located in one of the warmest sub-appellations in the Niagara peninsula, the St. David’s Bench. This is why in most years we are able to achieve true grape maturation needed to make quality red wines. In the years when we feel Mother Nature didn’t provide the necessary conditions to make our top reds, we are not afraid to declassify. We would much rather you be delighted with a wine that overdelivers at $19.95 than be disappointed with a $40.00 wine that wasn’t up to our quality standards.

2017 Pinot Noir, Estate Grown & Bottled
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2017 Pinot NoirEstate Bottled
2017 Gamay Noir, Estate Grown & Bottled
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2017 Gamay NoirEstate Bottled
2017 Atelier Red, Estate Grown & Bottled
New Release
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2017 Atelier RedEstate Bottled