White Wine

For many people white wine is how they first start to learn about the world of wine. In general they are low in tannin and often thought to be for “beginners” or what you “graduate” from when you learn to appreciate red wine. But for many experienced wine drinkers white wine is an exploration of a wide range of flavours; from juicy citrus in Riesling to more exotic lychee notes in Gewürztraminer. They can be oaked like our Chardonnay, Paul Bosc Estate Vineyard or unoaked like Chardonnay Musqué; relatively simple like Chardonnay Sur Lie to more complex like Viognier; or easy drinking now Sauvignon Blanc to age-worthy like Chardonnay, St. David’s Bench Vineyard. We are delighted to have a broad range of award-winning white wines for you to try. We hope you find at least one that will become your new “house wine”.

2018 Riesling, Estate Grown & Bottled
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2018 RieslingEstate Bottled
2017 Atelier White, Estate Grown & Bottled
New Release
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2017 Atelier WhiteEstate Bottled