Our Shared Commitment

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It's Where We Live

There are so many charitable organizations active in our communities. Each are deserving of our time and money but we don’t have enough of either to do everything we would like. So we have to be selective.

Over the years we have tried to be involved in our community as much as possible by donating both time and money. With our Generation Seven wines we wanted to partner with an organization that focused grassroots efforts on reducing hunger in our communities. Gen Seven celebrates the sharing of good food and wine with friends and family. But we know not everyone is as fortunate as we are. This is why we were excited and proud that Meal Exchange wanted to partner with us.

Meal Exchange is a national youth-driven registered charity. It supports youth as they address the issue of hunger in their communities in order to secure a future where all Canadians have access to healthy, sustainable food. We were also impressed that this approach of engaging today’s youth helps to foster an attitude of volunteerism in this generation. Visit www.mealexchange.ca to find out how they do this. With your help we raised over $100,000 to assist Meal Exhange with their many initiatives.