Make a Wine - Music Connection

Have you ever noticed when someone is really enjoying a piece of music or art or even a glass of wine, there is very often a similar response from the enthusiast; they close their eyes, ponder the details of the experience, smile, maybe even utter a little "mmmmm". Sometimes the words used to describe these very different sensory experiences can be quite similar. For example, what comes to mind when we describe something that is soft, nuanced, beautifully composed or soulful? It could be your favourite wine, or song or painting. 

Making the wine-music connection all started early in 2013 when Michèle wrote this blog post. The Earth & Sky series was already in development and we wanted to find a way to help people connect with the liquid art in the bottle. The label is meant to feel like a watercolour painting of a vineyard. But more than that, we wanted to engage other senses to help describe the wine. So, each wine is paired with several songs that evoke a similar feeling as would the wine. When you click on the QR code on the back label of eachwine the song pairings will be revealed; one from a global, well-known artist to set the tone for the match. This one will be selected by Michèle Bosc. The local match will be selected by St. David's own Danny Lamb, lead singer of Mrs. Johnston. The songs will have audio or video links so that in that moment you can begin to get a sense of what the wine may taste like. It's like an auditory scratch and sniff.

The next layer came out of the "go local" concept. The Bosc family has been long-time supporters of all things local, including wine of course. Why not use Earth & Sky to help get a bit of visibility for some local, unsigned musicians? Even better, let's have the musicians play concerts surrounded by the vineyards where we grow our wine. Out of this concept came the Earth & Sky Music Market. On the first Monday of each month in the summer of 2013 the Bosc family hosts an all ages concert, food truck, chef pop-up, artisan market. Click here for details.  



As the Earth & Sky Music Markets continue, we will invite each featured musician to pair one of their songs with each of the wines. For the Earth & Sky Riesling pairings click here. For the Earth & Sky Pinot Noir pairings click here. What song would you pair with these wines? Let us know! Post your song pairing, preferably with an audio or video link, to our Facebook page. We may even post your pairings on the QR pages and the wine tasting notes.