Earth & Sky

We're all from somewhere. Just like you, our wines are a reflection of where and how they were raised. Some of us have accents, some of us have facial features or mannerisms that herald where we grew up. It's the same with wine. A Riesling grown in the St. David's Bench here in Niagara will taste remarkably different from a Riesling grown in Alsace, France. Both would be clearly identified as Riesling but each would have their own distinct characters. And that's a wonderful thing!

Our Earth & Sky series of wines celebrate this idea of wine being grown to express this individuality. After all, you're an individual. So too are our vineyard blocks where each wine is grown. You can even say that our wines are grown in a place that is unlike any other on earth. There is only one Niagara Peninsula. There is only one St. David's Bench. The geological history, climate and human impact are unique to this place. Doesn't that idea make you want to explore the world of wine? 

Young_spring_leavesNew leaves after a spring rain, St. David's Bench Vineyard.

So what makes our vineyards so special? Our vineyards thrive in our spring rain, hot summer nights and cool autumn nights. These are ideal conditions to grow wines that are flavourful, balanced, and brimming with character. Add to this climatic environment a unique patch of ground built from millennia-old limestone, the impact of four glaciers advancing and retreating to carve the land and the remnants of the ancient Lake Iroquois. Together you have a remarkable vineyard location to grow world-class wines.

But it doesn't stop there. Mother Nature has been kind to us, we need to be kind in return. And we have. Since the birth of our company in 1978, we have been practicing sustainable agricultural methods. Not because "eco-friendly" and "green" were buzz words, rather because that's the way farmers did things. Reduce. Recycle. Reuse. Farmers are among the most resourceful people on the planet. Partially because they are often isolated and can't run to the corner store if they run out of milk, if there was a corner store. But mainly farmers know the land can only provide for us as long as we nurture it. So that's what we do. To learn more about some of the initiatives we have implemented in our vineyards and cellars click here. We are, after all, farmers.