“Making wine is not what we do, it's who we are.”

Bosc Family Wines

We are often asked how we got into the wine business. More than a few times the answer has been the above quote. Growing wine has been in our family’s blood for seven generations. We love everything about it; from nurturing the vineyards each year, to bringing the wines to life in the cellar and waiting for each to come of age so it can be released to be enjoyed. But what brings us the most joy is seeing someone savour our wine or celebrate an important family milestone at our winery.

In our home wine is an important part of most family dinners. It is treated like another food group. Wine can make food taste better and food can make wine taste better. There is an interesting phenomenon that happens when wine is enjoyed with a meal -- life slows down. We take the time to really taste every morsel. We discuss each other's days. We enjoy the time together. Dinner becomes more than just food, it becomes a meal.

This website was designed to help you take a peek into our way of life. Explore. Ask questions. Come visit. We hope that each and every bottle of our wine gives you a taste of who we are.


Madame, Paul Sr., Paul Jr. & Michèle


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